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Ahmed Muhumed Abdi

Executive Director

Ahmed Muhumed Abdi is the executive director of the Relief, Reconstruction, and Development Organization. A local nonprofit organization dedicated to champion for marginalized communities in the arid- Northern of Kenya

The organization envisions a social economic transformed Northern Kenya living in sustainable environmental conditions. RRDO Mission is to build capacity of grassroots beneficiaries and develop partner institutions in Disaster reduction, Sustainable development, Economic empowerment, WASH, Health, Livelihoods and Food security, Conflict resolution and peace building by mitigating impacts of climate change and promoting transformational development, gender empowerment, needs-based training.

Ahmed Muhumed Abdi founded RRDO in 2018. He previously served as a board member for Kenya industrial research and development institute.(KIRD) from 2016-2019. He also served as a board member twice for export processing zone from 2006 to 2015. In earlier years, Ahmed was regional manager for Kenya Red Cross, Disaster Preparedness and Response Officer, Tracing Officer; and Research assistant for National Campaign against Drug Abuse (NACADA)

Ahmed was educated at Islamic International University Malaysia, Egerton University, Kenya School of law. He has two Bachelors in Law and Education (Eng. & Literature)