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Fozia Noor Mohamed

Program Assistant

Fozia is the Programme Assistant with RRDO, based in Nairobi Office.

Fozia worked in the NGO world for 3 years and counting. In her role as program assistant at RRDO, she helps implement projects, strategies, policies, and processes that align and support the organization vision, mission, and strategic objectives.

She has a vast experience working with donors from USAID, UNICEF and UNHCR. She has led diverse teams and worked with nongovernmental organizations in Kenya. Her expertise is communication, employee engagement, project planning, and organizational development.

Most recently, Fozia served as Monitoring evaluation officer at Rights organization for development and advocacy (ROAD), a local nonprofit dedicated to community development. In her role, she advised the executive team on Data handling, collection and analysis. She has worked with Garissa mediation council among others.

Fozia has an undergraduate degree in International affairs management from universiti Utara Malaysia. In her downtime, she enjoys coding, space exploration and watching documentaries.