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Idriss Sahal Kolon

Team Leader/M&E specialist

Idriss Kolon is well experienced professional, worked for various organization on livelihood, peace building and community development. He is talented ToT Trainer of trainers of various sectors including community capacity building on water management, CMDRR and conflict resolutions. Within RRDO Idriss is the social development specialist in Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impact project (KDRDIP).

He is engaged in facilitating overall project communication and develop strategies of community models into targeted groups. Reviews the problems addressed by the project and the underlying assumptions. Review the effect of any incorrect assumptions made by the project. Identify new assumptions. Examining the current progress of community sector groups, beneficial development effects (i.e. income generation, gender equality and women’s empowerment, improved governance etc…) that include in the project results framework and monitoring on an annual basis.

Through past working experience in different organizations, he had several opportunities in the dominating environments e.g. Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Capacity Building and Team building, Business Development/ implementation and Maintaining productive relations with key stakeholders among others. He possesses good analytical skills, and demonstrated good leadership in his work postings.

Prior to joining RRDO, Mr. Kolon worked with Aspire LNGO as the managing director the organization mainly spearheaded advocacy and coping strategies of the effects of climate change. Previously worked for Pact worldwide under the funding USAID, DFID and SSF, the organization was involved in peace building/conflict resolution.

Idriss Kolon holds Masters of Arts in Project Planning and Management from University of Nairobi and BSc Agriculture from Egerton university Njoro Campus. Kolon is based in RRDO’s Dadaab office, where he operates from, with frequents visits to villages.