Yussuf m garane -pic

Yussuf Maraade Garane

Livelihood officer

Yussuf Maraade Garane is the livelihood officer who prepares monthly reports on the progress of community groups operations, Contributes to the development of the monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports and Provides business training to community groups and supporting them in preparing their business plans. In realizing the organizations ambitions, Yussuf works closely with the team leader, the social mobilizers and community facilitators in different parts of the sub county.

Prior to  joining relief, reconstruction and development organization yussuf worked as a livelihood officer at ADESO from Jan 2015 to December 2018, actively supporting the livelihood team leader in Assisting in conducting market assessment of the areas of intervention and determining program intervention priorities based on needs and existing resources, supporting the Livelihoods Team Leader in developing budget forecast, work plans and tools for the projects, keeping track and producing reports on progress of activities and results and assisting the Livelihoods Team Leader in drafting reports and providing inputs/analysis and Frequently conducting field visits to ensure quality work from Livelihoods Assistants, contractual staff, and partners.

He also worked as teacher and counselor at ikhlas high school from Jan 2010 to April 2011 assisting the  school principle in establishing and maintaining up to date administrative records, Organizing guiding and counselling sessions, Preparing terminal reports after every term, Providing students lessons on career choice and teaching students various coping strategies, skills and methods to handle various challenges and Identifying problems such as alcohol and substance abuse, family problems and problems between students and coming with skills to resolve these problems.

Yussuf Maraade Garane bachelors degree sociology and psychology from the university of Nairobi ,Kenya.He is currently doing MBA(strategic management)

Yussuf is based in RRDO’s  office in Lagdera, Garissa Kenya  where he operates from with slight visits to Garissa’s office.