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RRDO I Who We Are

Relief, Reconstruction and Development Organization (RRDO)

The sole purpose was to respond effectively to local humanitarian challenges and contribute to development efforts through addressing humanitarian needs in Northern Kenya, especially for the refugee hosting communities. The organization was principally formed to promote local perspectives and support long term development based approach through disaster risk reduction initiatives and resilience building to minimize vulnerability to climate related hazards like floods, droughts and environmental degradation.

Relief, Reconstruction and Development Organization (RRDO) is a relief and development organization that was founded and registered in Kenya in 2008 under the NGO coordination act. The organization was formed by a group of local professionals from Northern Kenya.

RRDO’s mission is to build effective community partnerships, promote sustainable natural resource management, resilient livelihoods, and accountable governance, for marginalized communities in Kenya, South Sudan, and the Horn of Africa.

RRDO Governance and Management

RRDO is governed by a board of management comprising of seven directors. These officials include the chair person, the secretary and treasurer. The key mandate of the board is policy making, hiring of staff and fund raising. Their mandate is renewed every 3 years in an Annual General Meeting. RRDO management is answerable to the board. It includes core staff i.e. Executive Director, Project Coordinators, Project Officers and HR officers.