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Our Involvement In Improving Humans Lives

The organization was principally formed to promote local perspectives
and support long term development

Our Projects

RRDO Projects


Over the years, RRDO’s approach to work has followed three key steps.

Emergency and Humanitarian Response

By nature of its founding, RRDO sought to respond to frequent humanitarian
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Long-term development

In order to put an end to the myriads of challenges experienced in the areas
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Learning, Improvement, and Scaling

Continuous learning and improvement from our interventions has been
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Relief, Reconstruction and Development
Organization (RRDO)

RRDO’s Overall goal is to improve the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable communities and promote effective environmental management.

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Key Donors and Partners

RRDO’s growing work has been made possible through the generosity of a growing number of partners and supporters that share the organization’s mission, vision and goals.