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RRDO I Our Approach

Relief, Reconstruction and Development Organization (RRDO)

Our Approach

Over the years, RRDO’s approach to work has followed five key steps. These are:

Emergency and Humanitarian Response:

By nature of its founding, RRDO sought to respond to frequent humanitarian crisis in the northern parts of Kenya following repeated droughts experienced in the region. In partnership with strategic organizations and UN agencies such as the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP) among others, RRDO has continued to provide the much needed assistance, especially to host communities of the Dadaab refugee camps, found in the county of Garissa. This has always acted as the first step to RRDO’s approach to its work.

Long-term development:

development: In order to put an end to the myriads of challenges experienced in the areas where RRDO works, the organization seeks to provide strategic long-term interventions tailor-made for these localities. In order to promote ownership of the possible interventions, RRDO starts by consulting local communities on their perceived solutions to these challenges, and builds intervention programmes out of these consultations. This is the followed by establishing strong alliances with like-minded organizations, including both think tanks and research institutions, funding agencies, as well as other organizations whose work is aligned with our vision. Further, RRDO seeks to partner with the government, including both national and county governments of the areas where its interventions are targeted. This helps to increase the organization’s legitimacy, as well as influencing government policies that have an impact on the long-term interventions.

Learning, Improvement, and Scaling:

Continuous learning and improvement from our interventions has been a key approach to RRDO’s work. To undertake take, the organization has invested heavily in its Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) capacity and infrastructure. Lessons gathered from the frequent M&E efforts always informs the next steps of organization’s improvement on its work, which is linked to ultimate scaling efforts.

Over the years, RRDO’s approach to work has followed five key steps.
These are: